The Crawford Cabin

October 4, 2022 | Amenities

Photo of Crawford log cabinSome of the unique lodging offered by Two Creeks Crossing Resort includes a 90-100 year-old log cabin that is original to the property. We call it the Crawford Cabin, named after the family that once owned the property. The cabin first appeared on the tax roles in 1932, but locals tell us that the cabin was built on the property long before that. It’s a unique piece of history and it is something we wanted to preserve and make available to our guests. 

The cabin has four rooms, with all walls—exterior and interior—being make of logs. It was in need of some repair and a little TLC when we first purchased the property, but now most of the work has been completed. At some point, someone had begun adding a kitchen and a bathroom but hadn’t completed to work. We removed these additions and replaced the kitchen and bath with upgraded materials and furnishings that give the cabin modern amenities but still fit in with rustic feel of the original cabin. The bathroom addition uses rustic cedar instead of logs but is a good compliment to the original dwelling. 

The chinking was replaced, the exterior paint removed and the cabin was repainted in a color more fitting to a log cabin. The original wood floors have been refinished and central heating and air has been installed. As a final touch, we added a private covered porch with a 5-person hot tub. Once furnished, the Crawford Cabin will offer a rustic getaway that still has all of the modern comforts. With two bedrooms, a full kitchen, large walk-in shower, and living area with a hide-away bed, the Crawford Cabin will comfortably sleep six, and we can’t wait for you to experience it.

Photos of 3 views of the Crawford Cabin
Left to right: The living area (look at those floors!), the side porch, and the kitchen of the Crawford Cabin.


Before and After photo of the Crawford Cabin
Left photo: the cabin as it was when the property was first purchased. Right photo: the cabin with renovations almost complete.



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