How to Keep Your RV Cool During Hot Weather

March 16, 2023 | RV Living

Summer travel is associated with hot days, but even fall and spring days can be hot in Texas. That is why, whenever you travel, you must devise a strategy to keep your RV cool. You’ll be able to stay comfortable for your vacation if you use the right combination of positioning, planning, and a few other tips.


Increase Air Circulation by Installing Roof Vent Covers


You can increase natural ventilation in your RV by installing an RV roof vent cover to take advantage of passing breezes. Leaving windows and vents open promotes cross-ventilation, which keeps your RV cool. Add fans to your roof vents, allowing you to create a breeze.


Shades can be Used to Prevent Heat Gain


Even if your air conditioner is on, use your awnings and window shades to keep the sun from overheating your RV. After parking your RV, extend any awnings to provide shade. Close the shades and blinds on windows that receive direct sunlight.


Clean Your Air Conditioning Filters


When you hit the dusty trail regularly, your A/C filters are prone to become clogged. You can quickly clean them with a handheld vacuum cleaner and keep your A/C filters clean by washing them with soapy water.


Replace Incandescent Bulbs with LED Bulbs


If you still have some incandescent light bulbs in your RV, replace them with LEDs. LED bulbs run much cooler than traditional light bulbs and are far less likely to burn out during your trip.


Try Some Outdoor Cooking


Don’t overheat your RV by preparing all of your meals inside. Plan a few meals that you can grill or cook outside instead. Outdoor cooking keeps your RV cool and allows you to enjoy nature while you eat.


Shower Skylight Protection


A skylight can make a shower stall appear larger but is also a significant source of heat gain. After you finish using the shower, consider attaching a sunblock to the ceiling with hook and loop fasteners to cover the skylight. If you don’t mind having the skylight permanently blocked, consider replacing the inner part of the skylight with Reflectix insulation.


Close the Windows in the Morning


When you wake up, close all the windows and vents to trap cool morning air inside your RV. Also, try to keep the inside of your RV as cool as possible by minimizing opening and closing the door. If you use this tip, keep an eye on the temperature inside to determine when it’s best to open the windows to catch any breezes.


Protect Your RV with Insulation


In hot weather, insulating your RV can help keep it cool. Insulate the roof, walls, and floors with insulation materials such as foam board or spray foam. This will help keep the cool air inside your RV and keep the hot air out.


Add a Fan to Your RV


A fan can help circulate and cool the air in your RV. Install a fan near a window or door to draw in fresh air from the outside. A ceiling fan can also be used to circulate air throughout your RV.


Use a Humidifier


High humidity levels can cause your RV to feel hotter than it is. To remove excess moisture from the air, use a dehumidifier. This will help to keep your RV cooler and more comfortable.


Finally, keeping your RV cool in hot weather necessitates a combination of strategies. Park in the shade, cover your windows, insulate your RV, use a portable air conditioner, a fan, and a dehumidifier, and cook outside. Implementing these strategies lets you stay cool and comfortable while enjoying your RV adventures.


While no single tip will keep your RV completely cool, combining these suggestions should make a noticeable difference in your RV’s indoor temperature. However, limiting your RV’s sun exposure and the heat you generate can significantly reduce the amount you sweat.


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